Foundations S-100 - Organic cotton covering 

This foundation is constructed using pure, untreated, dried spruce. Our wood is locally harvested from sustainable forests.

Our foundations are also assembled without the use of any glue.

For the S-100, we use coco-latex sheets, which maximizes the support. In addition to the natural Texel wool we use either 100% organic cotton cover, this foundation is in complete harmony with the mattresses.

The cotton covered foundation are an exquisite addition to the bedroom and feel like a piece of furniture.

This S-100 allows excellent air flow by using coco-latex sheets; ideal for natural rubber mattresses.

Whit a choice of every color cotton used by Green Sleep it matches our entire lines of mattresses to perfection as well as most bedroom decors.


  • 8″ foundation (without legs)

  • Pure untreated dried spruce

  • No glue

  • Coco-latex sheets for maximum support

  • Texel wool

  • Organic cotton covering 

  • Beautifull addition to a bedroom as a piece of furniture

Health through sleep

For many years now Greensleep has partnered with a University Clinic on sleep. The study is based on the determinant factors affecting the quality of your sleep and understanding the needs to obtain this phase of deep sleep.

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L’endroit où vous dormez influence grandement la qualité de votre sommeil. Votre corps est un organisme complexe qui peut être facilement dérangé par des bruits, de la douleur ou d’autres stimuli. L’une des plus importantes causes d’interruption de sommeil est la douleur due aux points de pression. Bien que la pression douloureuse puisse provenir d’une maladie ou d’une blessure, l’inconfort sera aggravé par de mauvais matelas et sommier, incapables de maintenir un support linéaire et latéral des hanches, de la colonne vertébrale et des épaules.