The cotton covered foundation are an exquisite addition to the bedroom and feel like a piece of furniture

Whit a choice of every color cotton used by Green Sleep it matches our entire lines of mattresses to perfection as well as most bedroom decors.

This flexible dowel system also allows excellent air flow; ideal for natural rubber mattresses. 

This foundation is also covered in a 100% organic cotton velours, a Green Sleep signature feature, which matches our entire lines of mattresses to perfection.

Health through sleep

For many years now Greensleep has partnered with a University Clinic on sleep. The study is based on the determinant factors affecting the quality of your sleep and understanding the needs to obtain this phase of deep sleep.

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An important advantage of Greensleep is that you can easily adapt your own specific comfort and needs for two different person on the same mattress. The support layers and other comfort features are configured to your needs to maximize an ergonomic posture for both sleepers.