The Dreamer collection offers mattresses of many different profiles, each one designed to provide complete support in addition to a comfortable, conforming sleep surface. Made of all natural raw materials, the Dreamer collection is finished off with an organic cotton covering accented with a splash of organic colouring.

Natural, pure and organic materials

  • Cover stitched out of organic cotton 
  • Appealing visual and organic dyeing
  • Green Sleep signature Hevea PUUR
  • Natural and neutral PH Texel virgin wool
  • Glamour European look

Composition of the mattress​

2″ – Soft natural Hevea PUUR

3″ – Medium natural Hevea PUUR

3″ – Medium natural Hevea PUUR

One third of your life is dedicated to sleeping. Thus, the quality of your sleep will affect directly your over-all health and psychological makeup. Green Sleep was founded on researches based on the influence that materials & components and different structural support have on this vital sleep phase. The quality of the support, less pressure points on specific area of your body, a good environment with non-allergenic fabric are all what makes a Green Sleep mattress so unique. All these quality elements will ensure the quality of your sleep and regenerate your body on a daily basis. Basically, it will help you stay healthier.

Thanks to the high quality of each components and our high standard for design and manufacturing, each Green Sleep mattress is made to last a very long time.


How you sleep is just as important as why you sleep. That’s because your body is a complex machine that can be easily disturbed by noise, pain or other stimuli during the sleep cycle. And one of the predominant causes of sleep disruption is painful pressure points. Although painful pressure may originate with an ongoing health issue or a recent injury, it is largely aggravated by the inability of a mattress and foundation to maintain linear and lateral support for your spine, hips, and shoulders.

He neither has any age for a good sleep

Give him a healthy sleep to start well!

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