Green sleep is sensory. A revitalizing sleep experience unlike any other. A healthy dose of common sense that puts the restorative power of a good night’s sleep within easy reach.Based on more than 30 years of scientific research, Green Sleep is also a concept born of necessity; the better we sleep, the better we feel. 
  • That’s because undisturbed sleep refreshes, restores and rejuvenates.


One third of your life is dedicated to sleeping. Thus, the quality of your sleep will affect directly your over-all health and psychological makeup. Greensleep was founded on researches based on the influence that materials & components and different structural support have on this vital sleep phase. The quality of the support, less pressure points on specific area of your body, a good environment with non-allergenic fabric are all what makes a Greensleep mattress so unique. All these quality elements will ensure the quality of your sleep and regenerate your body on a daily basis. Basically, it will help you stay more healthy.


An important advantage of Greensleep is that you can easily adapt your own specific comfort and needs for two different person on the same mattress. The support layers and other comfort features are configured to your needs to maximize an ergonomic posture for both sleepers.


Sleep ergonomics is not only about a good support during your sleep. Naturally the body needs to be well supported but in any way. On a Greensleep mattress, the support layer is specifically designed to maximize the posture of your neck, spine and hip while maintaining your phase of deep sleep and to keep this proper alignment throughout your complete sleep cycle. This support layer independent from the others can be adapted to match your favourite sleep position. Poor-quality sleep is proven to negatively affect your over-all health.


Research has proven that during a full night sleep, most people will move many times through the night. This is mainly caused by uncomfortable pressure points or numbness of a limb. These movements will directly affect the possibility of reaching your phase of deep sleep and the length of it. And we know that it is in this precious phase that the body will regenerate and maintain a healthy mental balance essential to every person. Which means that the quality of this phase is vital to feel rested, balanced and healthy. Support is one of Greensleep’s main focus and we have invested a lot of time in specific research. Pure natural rubber has been proven to be one of the best material possible to relieve pressure points on our body during sleep. Digging even deeper in this study has also proven that the purity of this natural rubber had a direct impact on the quality of this ergonomic support. So having less pressure points on your body, your movements will be reduced in your sleep resulting in a better & longer phase of deep sleep making you feel better each day of your life.


Thanks to the high quality of each components and our high standard for design and manufacturing, each Greensleep mattress is made to last a very long time. Also our LIFETIME Greensleep mattress is made in such way that it is possible to move and change the support zones for your future needs (ex. Maternity, change in your physical condition, new needs following an operation, etc..) Basically your Greensleep mattress can adapt itself to your ever changing needs and comfort over time. This Greensleep LIFETIME particularity is exclusive to our mattresses during it’s whole life making it a profitable investment over time.

Health through sleep

For many years now Greensleep has partnered with a University Clinic on sleep. The study is based on the determinant factors affecting the quality of your sleep and understanding the needs to obtain this phase of deep sleep.

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How you sleep is just as important as why you sleep. That’s because your body is a complex machine that can be easily disturbed by noise, pain or other stimuli during the sleep cycle. And one of the predominant causes of sleep disruption is painful pressure points. Although painful pressure may originate with an ongoing health issue or a recent injury, it is largely aggravated by the inability of a mattress and foundation to maintain linear and lateral support for your spine, hips, and shoulders.