Personal needs, personal comfort! Made-to-measure ergonomics!

  • Signature natural & neutral PH Texel virgin wool
  • 100% ultra-stretchable and  on stretchable organic cotton
  • High quality linen 
  • 100% organic cotton velour
  • Signature natural Hevea PUUR

inches thick of Soft natural Hevea PUUR for a welcoming reduction of pressure.

cubes for each side made from natural Hevea PUUR (predetermined comfort: Soft, Medium and Firm) each 4 inches thick create an ergonomic support completely adapted to your specific needs.

2 inches of Firm natural Hevea PUUR 

An envelope quilted from non-stretch organic cotton fabric creating stability and durability of the mattress structure over time allowing preservation in shape & quality for years to come.

Outer cover : Quilting is made with 100% organic cotton velour, our signature neutral PH Texel virgin wool and ultra-stretchable organic cotton. Every component was selected for a controlled humidity environment as well as a perfect adaptation to your curves where pressure relief is the goal. 


3″  – Hevea PUUR de confort Super Souple

4″  – Left & right customizable natural Hevea PUUR

2″  – Split Firm natural Hevea PUUR

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The pure, organic materials found in Green Sleep beds help create a better sleep environment and cut down on noxious fumes that are the result of off-gassing from chemical glues, pesticides, and fabric treatments.