Materials designed according to your comfort

  • Our signature pure and natural, neutral PH Texel virgin wool. In addition to its natural year-round moisture control, there is no need for chemicals as it is a natural flame-retardant.
  • Finest technology in pocket coils, providing excellent support.
  • Reinforced extra firm edges.
  • 1.5 inch of Firm high quality foam
  • 1 inch of FIRM Dunlop latex
  • Coco latex natural sheet, a natural way of replacing high density felt.
  • 100% organic cotton: Free from chemicals, including fire retardant and the consequent off-gassing that can produce toxic emanations during sleep and a superior resiliency in shape, colour and texture.
  • Both inside and outside are hand laced and hand tufted for durability and comfort, a natural bonding and feel.
  • No flip mattress


1″       – Natural FIRM Hevea PUUR

0,75″ –  Visco Foam

1,25″ –  Souple foam

          – Coco latex natural sheet

6,5″   – High density foam encased pocketed coil construction

         – Felt

Eco-friendly with a deep-rooted respect for the environment the Hybrid collection offers a firm under-support. Extremely durable and resilient this mattress collection is naturally anti-bacterial, mold and dust-mite resistant. This perfect blend of materials creates a pure environment for a calm and relaxing sleep. The Hybrid F model is a mix of quality support and soft body conforming surface. A natural choice for comfortable, restorative sleep the F model is a product of exceptional longevity, an investment in your health. Suggested to be use with S-100 Linen foundation for a glorious look.

texel virgin wool
pocket coil
soft dunlop latex
visco foam
coco latex natural sheet

Our pillows fit the shape of the head and provide good support for the neck. This can help you reduce your pain or simply make it disappear.

He prefers a firm mattress, she a softer mattress

Are you looking for personalized comfort on each side of the mattress, allowing different support for each sleeper?


On a Greensleep mattress, the support layer is specifically designed to maximize the posture of your neck, spine and hip while maintaining your phase of deep sleep and to keep this proper alignment throughout your complete sleep cycle.